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There are many aspects to take care of when choosing the right knife. Therefore, our product range includes knives for individual needs and preferences: Knives can be single or double bevelled, are available in variable sizes and differ in many details, depending on their exact purpose. You can choose between knives with western designed handles and such with traditional Japanese designed ones. There are various shaping and finishing kinds of knives, conzeptualized to meet the requirements of every user. Below you can find our two well thought-out and exclusive lines Akifusa and Ohishi as well as the unique product line-ups created by famous and high class Japanese knife makersFor ideal maintainence of your knives please also check out the accessory products for sharpening and cleaning.
Please understand that due to the individual creation process of every knife certain variations from the knives shown on the photos can occur, e.g. concerning the colour of the blade. Furthermore, due to material shortage (as we only sell products consisting of high-class materials) we possibly have to modify the handle woods used for ordered knives to maintain a reasonable delivery time. In any case we will inform you about deviations in this regard on time after your inquiry. Thank you for understanding.