The Ikeda Honyaki knives prove the level this blacksmith is performing on. Unlike the more popular and easier technique of combining different steel layers, the Honyaki approach works differently. Honyaki knives are made out of only one steel which has to be finished very carefully. The way of finishing is crucial for the result. If done the right way, Honyaki knives are hard to beat.  

Core: Shirogami 3 steel, hardened to HRC63.

Cladding: This Honyaki knife only consists of one steel which is fine-tuned on the surface.

Finishing: High-end Honyaki finish by Ikeda. Quenched in oil.

Blade: Distal tapered, which leads to a better balance of the knife.

Handle: Fine Ebony handle, which is premium quality and very dirt-resistant and robust. Octagonal for perfect grip. Buffalo horn ferrule bolster.

Ikeda Paring, 90 mm. Item No: IKPE090HA

            Ikeda Petty, 150 mm. Item No: IKPE150HA (Photo)

Ikeda Santoku, 180 mm. Item No: IKSA180HA

Ikeda Nakiri, 180 mm. Item No: IKNA180HA

             Ikeda Gyuto, 210 mm. Item No: IKGY210HA (Photo)

Ikeda Gyuto, 240 mm. Item No: IKGY240HA

Ikeda Gyuto, 270 mm. Item No: IKGY270HA

Ikeda Gyuto, 300 mm. Item No: IKGY300HA

             Ikeda Yanagiba, 240 mm. Item No: IKYA240HA (Photo)

Ikeda Yanagiba, 300 mm. Item No: IKYA300HA

Ikeda Yanagiba, 330 mm. Item No: IKYA330HA

Ikeda Yanagiba, 360 mm. Item No: IKYA360HA


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