Incredibly performing blue steel enables the knife to keep the same quality for ages. Another handmade piece of magic by Ikeda. 

Core: Aogami 1 steel, hardened to HRC61.

Cladding: Suminagashi steel clad.

Blade: Distal tapered, which leads to a better balance of the knife.

Handle: Fine Ebony handle, which is premium quality and very dirt-resistant and robust. Buffalo horn ferrule bolster.

Ikeda Paring, 90 mm. Item No: IKPE090SU

Ikeda Petty, 150 mm. Item No: IKPE150SU

Ikeda Santoku, 165 mm. Item No: IKSA165SU

             Ikeda Santoku, 180 mm. Item No: IKSA180SU (Photo)


Ikeda Nakiri, 165 mm. Item No: IKNA165SU

Ikeda Nakiri, 180 mm. Item No: IKNA180SU

Ikeda Gyuto, 180 mm. Item No: IKGY180SU

             Ikeda Gyuto, 210 mm. Item No: IKGY210SU (Photo)

Ikeda Gyuto, 240 mm. Item No: IKGY240SU

Ikeda Gyuto, 270 mm. Item No: IKGY270SU

Ikeda Gyuto, 300 mm. Item No: IKGY300SU

             Ikeda Sujihiki, 240 mm. Item No: IKSJ240SU (Photo) 

Ikeda Sujihiki, 270 mm. Item No: IKSJ270SU

Ikeda Sujihiki, 300 mm. Item No: IKSJ300SU

Ikeda Deba, 180 mm. Item No: IKDE180SU

Ikeda Deba, 210 mm. Item No: IKDE210SU

Ikeda Yanagiba, 240 mm. Item No: IKYA240SU

             Ikeda Yanagiba, 270 mm. Item No: IKYA270SU (Photo)

Ikeda Yanagiba, 300 mm. Item No: IKYA300SU

Ikeda Yanagiba, 330 mm. Item No: IKYA330SU

Ikeda Yanagiba, 360 mm. Item No: IKYA360SU

Ikeda Usuba, 180 mm. Item No: IKUS180SU

Ikeda Usuba, 210 mm. Item No: IKUS210SU


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