Superior Aogami 2 steel core in combination with carbon steel layer and a single-beveled blade brings an amazing working quality. Challenging to work with, but once mastered these Kataba knives bring peerless results. Nobly style and perfect resilience and quality due to the high-end Kurouchi finishing. 

Core: Aogami 2, hardened to HRC63-64. 

Cladding: Carbon steel.

Finishing: Kurouchi. 

Blade: Single beveled, available for right or left hand use. Distal tapered, which leads to a better balance of the knife.

Handle: Fine Ebony handle, which is premium quality and very dirt-resistant and robust. Pakka wood ferrule bolster. 


For Left version please add an L to the item number when ordering.

Kitaoka Ajikiri, 105 mm. Item No: KOAJ105AK

             Kitaoka Ajikiri, 120 mm. Item No: KOAJ120AK (Photo)


Kitaoka Funayuki, 150 mm. Item No: KOFU150AK

            Kitaoka Funayuki, 165 mm. Item No: KOFU165AK (Photo)

Kitaoka Funayuki, 180 mm. Item No: KOFU180AK


             Kitaoka Mioroshi, 210 mm. Item No: KOMI210AK (Photo)

Kitaoka Mioroshi, 240 mm. Item No: KOMI240AK


Kitaoka Deba, 120 mm. Item No: KODE120AK

            Kitaoka Deba, 165 mm. Item No: KODE165AK (Photo)

Kitaoka Deba, 180 mm. Item No: KODE180AK

Kitaoka Deba, 210 mm. Item No: KODE210AK


Kitaoka Yanagiba, 210 mm. Item No: KOYA210AK

            Kitaoka Yanagiba, 240 mm. Item No: KOYA240AK (Photo)

Kitaoka Yanagiba, 270 mm. Item No: KOYA270AK

Kitaoka Yanagiba, 300 mm. Item No: KOYA300AK


Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke, 210 mm. Item No: KOYK210AK

Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke, 240 mm. Item No: KOYK240AK

Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke, 270 mm. Item No: KOYK270AK

Kitaoka Yanagiba-Kiritsuke, 300 mm. Item No: KOYK300AK


             Kitaoka Usuba, 180 mm. Item No: KOUS180AK (Photo)

Kitaoka Usuba, 210 mm. Item No: KOUS210AK



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