The VG5 is one of our most popular series. It is designed in a classic and simple but yet clever way. The surface steel is notably easy to sharpen – the perfect knives for someone to start their Ohishi experience. 

Core: VG5 steel, hardened to HRC59-60.

Cladding: Stainless steel.

Finishing: Migaki (polished) 

Blade: Forged closed bolster to seal the blade from the handle.

Handle: The handle is made out of Pakka wood, which is highly resistant against dirt and water. Triple riveted tang. 

Ohishi Paring, 80 mm. Item No: OHPE080VG5

Ohishi Petty, 120 mm. Item No: OHPE120VG5

             Ohishi Petty, 150 mm. Item No: OHPE150VG5 (Photo)

Ohishi Santoku, 180 mm. Item No: OHSA180AS

Ohishi Gyuto, 180 mm. Item No: OHGY180VG5

             Ohishi Gyuto, 210 mm. Item No: OHGY210VG5 (Photo)

Ohishi Gyuto, 240 mm. Item No: OHGY240VG5

Ohishi Gyuto, 270 mm. Item No: OHGY270VG5

Ohishi Sujihiki, 240 mm. Item No: OHSJ240VG5

Ohishi Sujihiki, 270 mm. Item No: OHSJ270VG5


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