Amazingly sharp edge resulting from the SKD steel, which originally was invented for cutting metal. Aesthetic look of the blade which is in great harmony with the Pakka wood handle.

Core: SKD stainless steel, hardened to HRC63-64. 

Cladding: SUS-405 Stainless steel.
Finishing: Tsuchime (hammered).

Blade: Distal tapered, which leads to a better balance of the knife. Forged closed bolster to seal the blade from the handle.

Handle: Octo Hoo wood handle for perfect grip. Precious colour. Triple riveted tang.

Yoshikane Paring, 75 mm. Item No: YKPE075TT

Yoshikane Paring, 95 mm. Item No: YKPE095TT

             Yoshikane Petty, 135 mm. Item No: YKPE135TT (Photo)

Yoshikane Santoku, 165 mm. Item No: YKSA165TT

Yoshikane Nakiri, 165 mm. Item No: YKNA165TT

Yoshikane Gyuto, 180 mm. Item No: YKGY180TT

            Yoshikane Gyuto, 210 mm. Item No: YKGY210TT (Photo)

Yoshikane Gyuto, 240 mm. Item No: YKGY240TT

Yoshikane Gyuto, 270 mm. Item No: YKGY270TT

Yoshikane Sujihiki, 240 mm. Item No: YKSJ240TT

Yoshikane Sujihiki, 270 mm. Item No: YKSJ270TT

Yoshikane Hakata, 165 mm. Item No: YKHA165TT

             Yoshikane Kiritsuke, 210 mm. Item No: YKKI210TT (Photo)

Yoshikane Kiritsuke, 240 mm. Item No: YKKI240TT

Yoshikane Kiritsuke, 270 mm. Item No: YKKI270TT


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