Make Your Knives AND TOOLS Razor Sharp


 Like a good chef deserves a good knife to receive Oishi results, a good knife deserves caring in return. Thus, it was logical to us to complete our Ohishi line by sharpening stones that are perfectly adapted to our knife range. The stone line “Ohishi Toishi” offers the most extensive range of Japanese sharpening stones available on the market, consisting of different grit stones in the traditional Japanese way. They are also available as combination stones, using two different grits on two sides. Ohishi Toishi are water stones, which means they have to get soaked in water before use. They can not only be used for knife sharpening, but also for a lot of other traditional Japanese woodworking tools containing a razor sharp and sensitive blade. Give your customers what they need for their perfect knife care. Give them Ohishi Toishi.



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 220. 205 x 80 x 35 mm.

Item No: J-TO0220




Ohishi Toishi, Grit 600. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO0600



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 1000. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO1000



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 3000. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO3000



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 6000. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO6000



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 8000. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO8000



Ohishi Toishi, Grit 10000. 205 x 75 x 25 mm.

Item No: J-TO10000



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 1000/3000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO1030



Ohishi Toishi Combination Small, Grit 1000/6000.

185 x 56 x 35 mm.

Item No: J-TO1060S



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 1000/6000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO1060



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 1000/8000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO1080



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 3000/8000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO3080



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 3000/10000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO3100



Ohishi Toishi Combination, Grit 6000/10000.

205 x 75 x 30 mm.

Item No: J-TO6100


Nagura stones are used for preparing the traditional Japanese Toishi stones to give them the ideal condition for sharpening. After treating the water stone with a Nagura stone, way smoother sharpening is possible. Because of the fine-grit Nagura stone, the surface of the Toishi gets more slick and makes sharpening of knives and tools even more enjoyable. The perfect completion when buying Ohishi Toishi.



Natural Nagura Stone, black. Untreated. 

45 x 45 x 45 mm.

Item No: NAGB


Handmade Nagura Stone, white.

75 x 26 x 24 mm.

Item No: NAGW


Natural stones with an amazingly fine grit of approximately 10000. Honyama stones are used for the finishing sharpening of knives. Their extreme fine grit allows more detailled sharpening than conventional sharpening stones. Using an Ohishi Toishi and adjusting the sharpening process with a Honyama stone leads to the perfect result. 



Honyama Stone Small

Approx. 160 x 55 x 25 mm.

Item No: THOS



Honyama Stone Large

Approx. 195 x 70 x 30 mm.

Item No: THOL



Honyama Stone Medium

Approx. 180 x 63 x 25 mm.

Item No: THOM



Honyama Stone Extra Large

Approx. 205 x 75 x 35 mm.

Item No: THOLL


A very intelligent tool, used to flatten the Toishi. 400 x 100 mm. Including a glass plate and abrasive paper.


Stone Flattener, 400 x 100 mm.
Item No: J-AB400.




Japanese Camellia Oil for your perfect knife care. This oil has been used for centuries to keep knives and even tools clean, sharp and smooth.

Camelia Oil, 240 ml.

Item No: J-POL240.


Used for fundamental cleaning and rust removing of a knife before the actual sharpening work.


Rust Remover

Item No: RRMV


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